Mitch Scott Weatherly

My name is Mitchell Scott Weatherly. I was raised being called Scott, but while in the military I was known as Mitch. Whether you know me as Mitch or Scott, one thing I know is that have been blessed with making a truly wonderful Salsa.

I was born and raised in Texas, then finished my high school years in Florence, Alabama. I joined the USAF in 1981 and spent over 22 years in both the active Air Force and Texas Air National Guard. I have been stationed in W. Germany, Arizona and Texas. I served over 11 years active duty and over 11 years in the Air National Guard.

I have been blessed to see the majority of the world, some countries that I wanted to see and others that I didn’t. But no matter what, I always tried to do my part. I was a jet mechanic for about 16 years and then was selected as a 1st Sergeant, where I spent the rest of my career.

I have participated in numerous world conflicts, military actions and multi-national (NATO) to include Desert Storm, Rwanda Relief, Bosnia, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) to name a few.

Before retiring I broke my back and hip/tailbone region with over 10 seperate breaks. Ever since being injured, the after affects have greatly limited my abilities for, not only the remainder of my years as an Airman, but continues to affect my physical limitations of what I do everyday and probably the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, upon my retirement I was diagnosed with cancer, not once, but twice. After several doctors and hospitals, I settled with MD Anderson to help me with this life long battle and have been cancer free for over 10 years now, thank you God!

Now that my battle with cancer has been won and my physical shape has progressed to where I can move around better, I needed a purpose. I tried several hobbies; but after having gardens over the last 3 years I realized that I had a passion to create great things for others to enjoy. Once I realized that salsa is what I enjoyed making, I started getting ideas and feedback from those I shared my salsa with. I received guidance from my next-door neighbor, who was a Navy cook, and the original “Scott Salsa” was created.

I continued to work to perfect my cooking and after going back to Texas for a visit, several of my friends said that I needed a name that truly tells my story & sets me apart. After a few hours and wonderful conversation the name 1st Sgt Salsa was born. The rest of the product just developed along with the motto “It’s Just Not for “DIPPIN” Anymore” because of how thick and robust it was! I guess you can say that it was God’s way of intervening.

I make all of my salsa products at our local Entrepreneurial Center here in Historical Downtown Florence, Alabama. Currently, 1st Sgt Salsa is sold at numerous local stores and gift shops and is growing each month. We also attend a host of trade shows and flea markets where the products are sold and the name is shared with others. Currently, besides our salsa, we manufacture over 20 jellies/jams, over 15 meat glazes, dried soup mixes and packaged spicy crackers that are for sale on this website.

As a 1st Sergeant in the Air Force, I had the pleasure of taking care of others; and now as a retired disabled veteran, I am once again given the opportunity to give back. Not only with my gourmet salsa, but with the portion of my earnings we give all profits to our nonprofit organization "Patriot Strong, LLC helping active duty military, veterans and heroes. Military agencies like these were there to assist me when I was hurt and battled cancer and I prefer pay it forward and give back to those agencies that helped me in order that others can be helped by each and every 1st Sgt Salsa purchase.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone, who hasn't tried my salsa, jelly or glaze to get yourself a jar and try one. Try my salsa with chips, and then try it over chicken or on your favorite meat or fish, check out our recipe tab for more ideas. You will be very pleased and will immediately recognize that 1st Sgt Salsa is not only good with chips, but it makes a good dish “great” and is something the whole family can enjoy!